You will find a list of common questions that you may have on the Hero MotoCorp GoodLife Program - One of the largest customer relationship program in India.

Who can enroll into the Hero MotoCorp GoodLife Program?

Anyone who is 18 years of age or above and uses a Hero MotoCorp scooter or motorcycle can become a Hero MotoCorp GoodLife Program member.

What is the Hero MotoCorp GoodLife Program membership fee?

Hero MotoCorp GoodLife Program:
• Rs. 150/- for 1 year insurance benefit and 3 years program membership
• Rs. 250/- for 3 year insurance benefit and 3 years program membership Hero MotoCorp GoodLife Lady Rider Club:
• Rs. 150/- for 1 year insurance benefit and 5 years program membership
• Rs. 250/- for 5 year insurance benefit and 5 years program membership

How can I read my membership card number format?

You can know the details of card issuance through the card number as well:
• First 5 Digits represents the dealer code from the which the card is issued
• 00 represents the status of the card (original or duplicate)
• Next 9 Digits depicts an automatically generated card number e.g. for dealer code 10111, the card Number will be 10111-OO234567891

How do I earn points in the Hero MotoCorp GoodLife Program?

Every time you do a transaction, you will earn rewards points. There are two ways of earning points:
a) By spending money:
1 Rupee spent = 1 Point earned
b) Bonus point (Special Bonus points on):
a. Regular Free Service
b. Regular Paid Service
c. Referring anyone to buy a Hero MotoCorp two-wheeler
d. For upgrading your Hero MotoCorp two-wheeler
e. Making transactions on your birthday
f. For getting PUC done on your two-wheeler

What are the benefits of the Hero MotoCorp GoodLife Program?

• FREE RIDER’S PERSONAL ACCIDENTAL INSURANCE: Get a free Personal Accidental Insurance worth Rs. 1 lakh on successful enrollment.
• DISCOUNT ON SPARES: Get a special discount of 5% on the purchase of spares and accessories on your successful enrollment.
• FIRST TRANSACTION BENEFIT: On your first transaction, get a ‘First Transaction Gift’ as well as 500 points as first transaction benefit.
• POINTS EARNED ON MONEY SPENT: Accumulate points on the purchase of service, spares and accessories at authorized Hero MotoCorp dealerships or service centres. Each rupee spent gets translated into one point earned.
• WINNER OF THE MONTH ACTIVITY: Lucky draw each month where 4 lucky GoodLife members get a chance to win a Splendor+ bike and 1 lucky GoodLife Lady Rider member gets a chance to win a Hero MotoCorp Pleasure scooter.
• GO GREEN: Get 50 Green Rewards points for every Pollution Under Control check of your vehicle. Present the Pollution Check certificate to the dealer and earn your points.
• BONUS POINTS ON EVERY SERVICE & BIRTHDAY: Get 100 points per service and 500 points as continuity bonus on every 6th regular service. You also earn double bonus points for every transaction on your birthday. *Terms & Conditions Apply
• REFERRAL POINTS: Earn additional 3000 points on referring a Hero MotoCorp two wheeler to your friends-n-family members and 6000 points on upgrading your own two wheeler.
• SPECIAL VALUE OFFERS: Get invited to special events and special discounts on the purchase of the products of your interest.

What is the validity of the Hero MotoCorp GoodLife Program membership card?

The membership card is valid at all Hero MotoCorp authorized showrooms and workshops across the country regardless of the showroom/workshop or town where it was issued. It is valid for three years for GoodLife member and five years for Lady Rider Club member, from the date of issue.

What if I want to renew my membership?

• Dealer will fill the 'Renewal Application Form' complete in all respects
• Submit the old passport
• The dealer executive will endorse the rewards milestone completed on the existing passport
• Instead of a new passport, the member will now be provided with a membership card (depending on the location)
• Submit the applicable fees (Rs.150 for 1 year insurance benefit, Rs.250 for 3 year insurance benefit and 5 years in case of the Hero MotoCorp GoodLife Lady Rider Club member)
• The renewal application is entered, checked at the Program Center and a new membership card will be sent across to the dealership within two weeks of receipt of the application
• You are not entitled to get a ‘First Transaction Gift’ on your renewed passport/card

What happens if I lose my Hero MotoCorp GoodLife membership card?

• Inform the loss of card at Program Helpline at 18002660018 or write to us goodlife@heromotocorp.com and get the card blocked within 24 hours
• Apply for the duplicate card (through authorized outlet) at the dealership by filling in duplicate application form along with a nominal fee of Rupees 50 only

Can I get points without card?

Yes. • Share your Vehicle Identification Number/Chassis number with the dealer
• Declare an identification proof like driving license to verify your identity
• The dealer would then refer to the invoice generated & provide the points in the transaction module
It is mandatory for you to bring the membership card in order to have the points credited to your membership account.
Note: - Redemption is not possible in the absence of the membership card or if there is no internet connectivity.

Can I get gift without card?


I am a passport holder, do I have the eligibility for new gift catalouge?

The new reward chart is applicable only from the current point status. For example, if the current point status is 20,000, then the member shall be eligible for the new gifts only after 20,000 points. It will not be possible for him to collect the added or new gift before 20,000 points.

What happens in case I have applied for the card, but have not received it?

• Call the Program Helpdesk at 18002660018 to check application status, or write to us at goodlife@heromotocorp.com
• If the card has already been dispatched, check with the dealership.

I am a Passport Program member. Can I upgrade to Hero MotoCorp GoodLife Program?

• Apply for the membership by filling in the 'Passport to GoodLife conversion' form, and pay Rs. 50 as an upgradation fee
• Submit the existing passport at the dealership & fill the new application form. The program executive will then send the application to the Program Centre
• The application will be processed for the issuance of a new card
o In all such cases the details of last gift redeemed will not be available with the Program Centre, hence the dealer needs to endorse the passport/application with the details
o Basis dealer’s declaration, the Program Centre would consider & flag the points as redeemed & account the balance points against the membership ID before issuing the card
o If the dealer fails to endorse the last gift redeemed details, all the points under the member account would be considered as ZERO & card would be issued to the member

What will be my membership status if I upgrade to a new two wheeler?

• You need to submit the applicable fees.
• Program executive at the dealership will fill the complete application form – Self Upgradation Form. ‘New Two Wheeler Purchase' needs to be mentioned clearly on the application form
• Your old Hero MotoCorp Passport is dispatched to Program Center for cancellation along with the new form
• You would be provided with a new membership card. Your membership account would be endorsed with 6000 bonus points as self-referral. The previous points will be carried forwarded to the new membership account

I have lost my existing passport, what is the procedure of getting a duplicate card?

• In case of loss of existing passport or card, you will be issued a duplicate card
• Program executive at the dealership would fill in a Duplicate Card Form
• Program executive will enter old points which will get validated from the Program Centre as per your existing records
• The application would be reprocessed for the issuance of card
a. For all the cases where the program transactions status is not available with the Program Centre as the dealer has not mentioned the last gift redeemed in the application; the previous points would be considered as ZERO.
b. Every time a lost card is re-issued, renewal would be done by providing a new card number.
c. Intimation of loss of card/passport should be intimated to the Program Centre within 24 hours to avoid any misuse.
d. Charges for the duplicate membership card would be Rs. 50.

Where can I register a complaint?

For any complaints, please contact us at:
Toll Free: 18002660018
Email: goodlife@heromotocorp.com

Redeem points, take home your gifts
As you continue your journey with us, you can redeem your points for fabulous gifts.