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What is the Hero GoodLife Program?

Hero GoodLife Program is a loyalty program. It is a reward point’s based program.

Which customer is eligible for enrolling in the GoodLife program?

The customer should be Indian National and the owner or user of a Hero MotoCorp vehicle and should be 18 years of age or above.

What is the Hero Motocorp GoodLife Program membership fee?

Hero MotoCorp GoodLife Program:
• Rs. 175/- for 1 year insurance benefit and 3 years program membership.
• Rs. 275/- for 3 year insurance benefit and 3 years program membership.

What are the benefits of the Hero Motocorp GoodLife Program?

• Free Rider’s Personal accidental death Insurance: Get a free Rider Personal accidental death Insurance worth Rs. 1 lakh on your successful enrolment.
• INSTANT BENEFIT: On your successful enrollment get Instant Card, Welcome Bonus Points = 275 or 175 depending on the membership type.
• POINTS EARNED ON MONEY SPENT: Accumulate points on the purchase of service, spares and accessories at authorized Hero MotoCorp dealerships or service centers. Each rupee spent gets translated into one point earned.
• WINNER OF THE MONTH ACTIVITY: Lucky draw each month where 4 lucky GoodLife members get a chance to win a Hero MotoCorp Two wheeler worth Rs.45,000/- and 1 lucky GoodLife Lady Rider member gets a chance to win a Hero MotoCorp Two wheeler worth Rs.45,000/-.
• GO GREEN: Get 50 Green Rewards points for every Pollution under Control check of your vehicle. Present the Pollution under Check certificate to the dealer and earn your points.
• BONUS POINTS ON EVERY SERVICE & BIRTHDAY: Get 100 points per service and 500 points as continuity bonus on every 6th regular service. You also earn double bonus points for every transaction on your birthday except Referral transaction.*Terms & Conditions Apply
• REFERRAL POINTS: Earn additional 3000 points on referring a Hero MotoCorp two wheeler to your friends and family members and 6000 points on upgrading your own two wheeler. The referral benefits keeps increasing as you step in Platinum and Diamond memberships.

•Refreshed GoodLife Program: - Introduction of Service Discount Vouchers as an additional option, Branded Gifts, Gift options are Flexible and multiple.

Explain 3 Tiers Membership:

• Gold (0-5000 points): 1 Rupee = 1 Point earned, 3000 referral and 6000 self - referral bonus.
• Platinum (5001-40000 points): 1 Rupee = 1.25 Points earned, 3500 referral and 7000 self - referral bonus.
• Diamond (40001 and above): 1 Rupee = 1.50 Points earned, 4000 referral and 8000 self - referral bonus.

What is the validity of the Hero MotoCorp GoodLife Program membership card?

The membership card is valid at all Hero MotoCorp authorized showrooms and workshops across the country regardless of the showroom/workshop or town where it was issued. It is valid for three years from the date of issue.

How do I earn points in the Hero MotoCorp GoodLife Program?

Every time you make a transaction, you will earn rewards points. Additionally, you can also earn extra bonus point after upgrading from your current tier to the next tier. There are two ways of earning points:
a)By spending money:
• 1 Rupee spent = 1 Point earned in case of Gold Card
• 1 Rupee spent = 1.25 Points earned in case of Platinum Card
• 1 Rupee spent = 1.50 Points earned in case of Diamond Card
b)Bonus point (Special Bonus points on):

 • Regular Free Service
• Regular Paid Service
• Referring anyone to buy a Hero MotoCorp two-wheeler
• for upgrading your Hero MotoCorp two-wheeler
• Making transactions on your birthday
• for getting a PUC (Pollution under Control) certificate for your two-wheeler

What will be my membership status if I upgrade to a new two wheeler?

You need to submit the applicable fees:
• Program executive at the dealership will fill the complete application form – Self Up gradation Form. ‘New Two Wheeler Purchase’ needs to be mentioned clearly on the application form.
• You would be provided with a new Insta membership card. Your membership account would be endorsed with 6000 bonus points as self-referral. The previous points will be carried forwarded to the new membership account.

What happens if I lose my Hero MotoCorp GoodLife membership card?

Inform the loss of card at Program Helpline at 18002660018 or write to us at goodlife@heroMotoCorp.biz and get the card blocked within 24 hours. Apply for the duplicate card (through authorized outlet) at the dealership by filling in duplicate application form along with a nominal fee of Rupees 50/-

Is Gift redemption possible without card and Internet?

No. Membership card and Internet connectivity is mandatory for redeeming the gifts.

What is the meaning of Roaming Customer?

When an "A" dealer customer comes to "B" dealer and does the redemption there, then the said customer is a Roaming Customer for that dealer.

How do I get my Insta card?

Pre-printed and pre-activated Insta membership cards are ready available with authorized Hero Dealership. Visit your nearest dealership and collect the Insta card.

What is winner of the month activity?

"Winner of month" is conducted every month. The winners are selected amongst the enrolling members in the previous month through lucky draw. Each month, 4 lucky GoodLife winner and one Lady Rider winner is selected.
1. 4 winners win Hero Two Wheeler worth Rs. 45,000/-
2. 1 Lady Rider Club member wins a Hero two wheeler worth Rs. 45,000/-

What are the documents required to claim the hero two wheeler prize in winner of the month and Friends For Life draw?

To claim the amount for the prize of Rs. 45,000, the following documents should be submitted to your concerned HMCL Area Office immediately upon delivering the bike:
• A covering letter with the details of the customer and documents submitted
• Customer has to Submit an account payee demand draft in favor of “Hero MotoCorp Limited” payable at New Delhi towards income tax to be deducted @ 30% (Rs 13500/-) of the total value of the prize (Total Gift Prize is Rs 45,000/-).
• The customer will then subsequently be issued a TDS certificate in FORM 16A, which he/she will be required to enclose with income tax return. (Customers complete mailing address will be required to mail the TDS certificates)
• Customer’s self-attested copy of PAN card along with full name and address.
• Invoice of the two wheeler in the customer’s name
• Copy of the customer “winner intimation letter”
• 2 passport size photographs of the customer
• Self-attested address proof of the customer

What is process of claiming prize (Hero Two Wheeler worth Rs. 45,000/-)?

For Bike Winners: 4 winners per quarter • A winner intimation letter to dealer and member letter announcing the win.
• Before claiming a two wheeler of his /her choice, winner to submit an account payee demand draft in Favor of Hero MotoCorp Limited payable at New Delhi towards income tax to be deducted @30% of the total value of the prize amount (Rs 45,000, total cost to be borne by company)
• Complete set of mandatory documents along-with a covering note and invoice duly approved by respective Area office to reach HO within same.
• Dealer gets Rs.45000/- credit from the company.

What are the mandatory documents for insurance claim settlement?
  • Intimation letter
  • Acknowledge cum declaration slip
  •  GoodLife card(along with passport size photograph of the deceased)
  • Claim form duly signed by the nominee
  •  Post mortem report (attested and translated in English or Hindi if in regional language)
  • FIR (attested and translated in English or Hindi if in regional language)
  • Death certificate (attested and translated in English or Hindi if in regional language)
  • Nominee bank details (Cancel Cheque with IFSC code)
What is current mode of payment if the Insurance case gets settled?

Through RTGS.

What are MLC, SDM and Legal Heir Certificate Reports?

SDM (Sub-divisional Magistrate Report):- SDM report is required in cases where FIR is booked under section 174, then after police investigation final report is submitted to SDM. After that SDM confirms and issues the final letter related to case.

MLC (Medical Legal Certificate):- MLC is required in cases where insured is admitted in hospital for treatment after the accident.  MLC and treatment papers are required from the date of admission in hospital till the date of Death of the insured.

Legal Heir Certificate: - Legal Heir Certificate is required in cases where the nominee is also dead. Legal Heir certificate is issued by the Revenue Department to declare the immediate Legal Heir of the Deceased. The copy of Legal Heir Certificate must be attested by Notary Public/ Gazetted officer.

What is new email id and toll-free number for GoodLife helpdesk?

For program related queries: - goodlife@heromotocorp.biz

For GoodLife software related queries: - goodlife.support@heromotocorp.biz

Toll-Free number: - 1800-266-0018

What is welcome gift in case of new program?

Welcome gift has been discontinued, only bonus points equal to membership fee (175 or 275).

What is membership fee in case of LR club?

Membership fee is same in both GL and LR club. 175 for 1 year and 275 for 3 years.

How many milestone and gifts are there in new program?

  • 11 Milestone
  • 10 Physical Gifts
  • 11 Service award coupons.

Is there any Warranty applicable on physical gifts?

Yes, warranty is applicable as per policy of product manufacturer.

What are the different denominations in case of Service award coupon.

50, 80, 100, 150 180, 250, 300 and 500. Member can divide his/her complete invoice amount under these denominations.

What is validity of Service award coupon?

Member can redeem the coupon within 180 days from the issue date.

Is there any difference in GoodLife gifts and Lady Rider gifts?

All Gifts are same for both GoodLife and Lady Rider.

Can two service award coupons be clubbed and redeemed against single invoice.


How many option for referral gifts

There are two Physical gifts options. Member can chose either of them.

Can member claim both physical gift and service award coupon on single milestone?

No. Member can only take either physical gift or Service award coupon.

Toll Free No. : 1800 266 0018